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Holiday Stories

Connor Donnelly is done with romance.

Five years ago, Natalie Delacroix, the woman he thought he'd spend forever with turned down his proposal and left their small community of Paradox Lake to pursue her dreams. Dreams that didn't include Connor Donnelly. Since then, Connor has devoted himself to the community. Now pastor of the local Community Church, he's determined to make the first Christmas pageant he’s directed a success. If only he can avoid the matchmaking of his family and friends who don't want the handsome bachelor to spend the holidays alone.


Natalie Delacroix is back in Paradox Lake.

The successful broadcasting career she left the mountain town and Connor for hasn’t turned out quite the way she’d expected. This well-needed break that she’d intended to use to rechart her future is disturbed by family and friends pushing her to help the church—and Connor—with the holiday pageant.

With Natalie’s musical talents, long admired by Connor, the couple might just succeed in making it the success he wants. And because working so closely with Natalie stirs up old feelings, Connor starts to hope for a second chance with the one who got away.

As much joy as they've found working on the pageant together, Connor worries that Natalie will never be content with small-town life. Natalie knows she'll have to earn his trust.

Will the best intentions of family and friends backfire, or will Natalie and Connor find their love again under the Christmas Star? Find out in this heartwarming holiday reunion romance.


Welcome to Paradox Lake
Any fan of sweet romance will love the stories of small-town love in the Paradox Lake Sweet Romance series. Grab your tea or coffee, settle into your favorite chair, and be swept away into the cozy Adirondack town where complex characters navigate challenging situations as they find their way to love. Whether it’s love at first blush, old flames reuniting, or second chance romance, you’ll find pure reading enjoyment and satisfy your craving for sweet, wholesome romance. 

Part of an ongoing series full of familiar faces, each story will stand on its own. With novel and novella lengths available, there’s something for everyone. Paradox Lake is written by USA Today Bestselling sweet romance author, Jean Gordon, who’s penned stories for the No Brides Clubs Series, Indigo Bay Series, and Harlequin Love Inspired, as well as for multiple sweet romance collections.



But can Shelby trust Kris's promises or will another Carmichael break her heart? 

And all the hearts hoping for Puppies for Christmas. 


House Calls for the Holidays by Pat Simmons

Can't Say No to Puppies by Jean C. Gordon 

Christmas in the Air by Josie Riviera

Sealed with a Christmas Promise by Laura Scott 

Puppy Love and Christmas Cookies by Merrillee Whren

Mischief and Mistletoe in Christmas Town by Susan Aylworth 

Mavis's Forever Christmas by Lyn Cote 

The Last Christmas Puppy by Roxanne Rustand

Found: An Almost Perfect Christmas by Kimberly Rose Johnson 

His brother left her at the altar.


When Shelby Newcomb retreats home for a traditional family Christmas, the last thing she expects is to be running the Puppy Pals rescued dogs giveaway with the brother of the man who jilted her. 


Reformed bad boy Kris Carmichael is making a fresh start as a veterinarian in Williamstown. Successfully launching the Puppy Pals Christmas dog giveaway will save animals and build his new practice. All he has to do is avoid the woman he still carries a torch for. 


But bro codes and broken trust are no match for the joy of the Christmas season and a litter of puppies. With a few nudges from a dating app and a matchmaking grandmother, the event and the growing spark between Shelby and Kris could deliver a very Merry Christmas. 

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Can't Say No to Puppies (What the Heart Wants Novella #2)


BUY: Can't Say No to Puppies: Amazon | Apple B&N | Google | Kobo

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Sweet Tidingss (An Indigo Bay Christmas Romance)

Amanda Strickland wants her first Christmas as mayor of Indigo Bay to be a civic success from the animal shelter fundraiser to benefit gala to the traditional tree lighting. And movie-star acquaintance Eric Slade may be just the ingredient she needs to pull it all off.

Eric wants to put the paparazzi off him and the young co-star of his last film—and protect his fragile relationship with the grown son he never spent much time with when his son was growing up. When he proposes a pretend holiday romance between him and Amanda, it seems like a win-win for them both.

But what will happen when the pretend romance turns real and snafus on both sides threaten to crush their Christmas plans and hearts?

Sweet Tidings is the first book in the Indigo Bay Christmas Romances Series, but it and the other stories are standalone and can be read in any order.

All the Indigo Bay Christmas Romances
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Caro's Gift (Small-Town Christmas Wishes)

Welcome to Snowflake, Colorado—a small town where wishes come true! When six old high school friends receive a letter that their fellow friend, Charity Hart, wrote before she passed away, their lives take an unexpected turn. She leaves them each a check for $1,500 and asks them to grant a wish—a secret wish—for someone else by Christmas. It sounds simple but the friends soon discover that it isn’t as easy as it seems! With the clock ticking, will they make it happen in time?Join Mia, Caro, Nate, Sara, Holly, and Taye on their journey to make a wish come true—and find love along the way.


Friendship, memories and wishes are powerful things and in the small town of Snowflake, Colorado they combine to form a memorial to a lost friend. Following her death, Charity Hart left six of her close high school friends, including Caro Price, fifteen hundred dollars each and an assignment to use that money to grant someone else’s secret wish by Christmas. Temporarily back in Snowflake to help her beloved grandmother recover from an illness, nurse practitioner Caro is on the hunt for a recipient for her secret angel gift. A chance encounter in a specialty store focuses Caro’s interest on a red-headed little girl fascinated by a nativity scene.


Caro’s grandmother has matchmaking on her mind as she pushes Caro and her neighbor, Simon Novak, together. It turns out that Simon coaches the little redhead’s older brother at the high school. With Simon’s help, Caro tries to learn more about the family and it quickly becomes apparent that the widowed mother and her two children are struggling financially. But is there more going on than meets the eye, for Caro sees flashes of fear in their eyes. 

Christmas is the season of wishes, and Caro, with God's guidance, is determined to make one little girl’s dream a reality! And, maybe, just maybe, fulfill a dream of her own!


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Enjoy all six books in the series:

Mia’s Gift by Cindy Flores Martinez
Caro’s Gift by Jean C. Gordon
Nate’s Gift by Jackie Castle
Sara’s Gift by Kimberly Rose Johnson
Holly’s Gift by Josie Riviera
Taye’s Gift by Pat Simmons

A Team Macachek Christmas Anthology

Fall in love with the strong women and fearless men of the motocross circuit in these three heartwarming holiday stories:


Holiday Escape

Bridget O’Brien lost her fiancé to a dangerous job. And, while she’d love to have a relationship like the one she lost, the last thing she wants is one with another man who willingly puts his life in danger. Luke Foster is a motocross racer whose track record with women runs short and no-strings-attached on both sides. He’d never seriously pursue a forever-after woman like Bridget. All they want is a holiday week away. Bridget from her well-meaning family’s condolences about her planned Christmas Eve wedding and her memories of a future that won’t be. Luke from his family’s annual critique at which he and his life choices always fall short of expectations. But, under the blue Caribbean skies, anything can happen.

Team Macachek Christmas

Sparks fly from a Christmastime reunion of motocross racer Jesse Brewster and his ex-girlfriend Lauren Cooper. Being thrown together to plan the race team's Christmas party reignites a flame Lauren thought she'd extinguished when she broke up with Jesse six months earlier. But will Jesse's well-meaning secret Christmas gift—meant to help win her back—compromise the independence Lauren is fighting to establish? Is it, as she maintains, the wrong time for their love?

Christmas Pizza to the Rescue

Jilted at the alter two weeks ago, motocross champion Royce Evans plans to make an appearance at the Team Macachek Christmas party to show the guys he’s just fine. Then he’ll hunker down alone at the team barracks for the rest of the holiday season. Out-of-work investigative reporter turned pizza delivery person Samantha Linder needs money for her younger sister’s special school tuition and needs to re-establish her cred as a reporter. When a freak winter rain storm strands them alone at the barracks, they strike a bargain that benefits them both. But after Sam appears to break that bargain, can even the spirit of Christmas save their blossoming love?

Or Buy Any of the Three Novellas Individually

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