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My Book Retrospect Continues

While I was writing my second Avalon Romance, Love Undercover, I called it my bowling alley book. The story has nothing to do with bowling. Rather, I wrote it long hand at bowling alleys. My son was in a travel bowling league and wasn't old enough to drive. So I wrote while he bowled all over the tri-county Capital District (Albany) area in addition to at our local bowling alley during Saturday morning regular league. 

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My Second Sale
Another Tidbit
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I fashioned my heroine's father in the story after my dad. To keep the characterization in my mind, I used my dad's name, Herb, as the father's name. Before I submitted my finished manuscript, I did a Word search and replace to change the name to Kurt. And I caught them all.

A few too many messy divorce cases and custody battles have convinced Tina Cannon to change her specialty from family law to financial planning and move her young daughter out of the city to a place that has the small-town values Tina grew up with. So the offer from her Uncle Jack to join his planning practice in Genesee, her hometown, couldn't have come at a better time. Tina is in for a few surprises, though, not the least of which is her perplexingly uncooperative and devastatingly attractive first client Devon O'Neil.

The 2001 Release
The 2016 Paperback and eBook Release

Devon has ties to Genesee too. But they aren't as pleasant as Tina's. This is where his grandmother died nearly penniless, bilked out of her hard-earned nest egg by an unscrupulous financial planner--Uncle Jack. Devon, a private investigator, devises a plan to expose Jack by posing as a lottery winner looking for financial guidance. Tina, however, is upsetting his plan. She's Jack's niece and in business with him, so she must be a crook, too, right? So, why does he seem so intent on proving her innocent instead of guilty?

With Tina's widowed father playing matchmaker in the background, she faces off with Devon in the securities fraud investigation that raises more than a few sparks and teaches them both that while appearances can be deceiving, love shines true.

No offense to the former Avalon Books cover designer, but I like the cover of the 2016 paperback and eBook release a lot better than the original hardcover one. Don't you?

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Most Recent Release

Can their book boyfriends lead a book club of hopeless romantics to a real happily ever after?

Fiona Campbell can’t believe that her Hopeless Romantics of Willow Ridge book club is reading a romance with a rock star hero. Let alone a story that mirrors her younger years in Scotland. Younger years that the friends she’s made since moving to the States and taking on a partnership in Euans’s Distillery know nothing about. Moreover, she’s recently learned “her” rock star is a hometown boy.

Kyle McCabe is about to do something he’d vowed never to do: bring back his band, the one he destroyed with his personal downward spiral 15 years ago – Rebel Picts. It’s for a good cause, a benefit concert at the Willow Ridge summer festival to help the family of his deceased best friend and bandmate. Little did he know when he agreed to the concert that the cause of that spiral, Fee Campbell, now lives in Willow Ridge.

Initially, Kyle isn’t ready to forgive Fee’s youthful desertion that exploded their college relationship. When he needed her most, she abandoned him and the band and broke his heart. But as they work together on the concert and reviving the band, adult trust and love take root. That is until Fee repeats her teenage dump-and-run behavior.

As Fiona confronts her hidden history, she and Kyle must navigate a labyrinth of old wounds and new feelings. Will they overcome the shadows of their past mistakes to embrace a future together? Uncover the magic of forgiveness and second chances in this heartwarming tale of love rediscovered.

The Hopeless Romantics of Willow Ridge series are sweet, small-town contemporary romances. Each book is a standalone and can be read individually or as part of the series.

Hopeless Romantics of Willow Ridge series
Book 1: Falling for the Boss
Book 2: Falling for the Fireman
Book 3: Falling for the Doctor
Book 4: Falling for the Deputy
Book 5: Falling for the Hockey Player
Book 6: Falling for the Single Dad
Book 7: Falling for the Farmer
Book 8: Falling for the Scotsman
Book 9: Falling for the Guitar Man

Falling for the Guitar Man - Hopeless Romantics.jpg

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USA Today Bestselling Author
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Jean C. Gordon

Coming Home to Love and Hope

Sweet Small-Town Contemporary Romance
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